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Monday to Thursday 12.00 – 18.40
Friday 12.00 – 20.40
Sunday 10.00 – 20.40
Saturday and public holidays 10.00 – 18.40

1. Visitors under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the exhibition. (Visitors above the age of 14 are able to enter the exhibition with an accompanying adult)
2. The exhibition may be visited on everyone’s own responsibility.
3. Special light and sound effects are in operation at the exhibition. Attending the exhibition is not advised for those suffering from epilepsy, claustrophobia or prone to panic attacks. They can visit the exhibition on their own responsibility.
4. For entering the exhibition one must have a valid ticket. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged (not even in case of buying the ticket online).
5. It is forbidden to bring animals, vehicles (rollers, bicycles etc.), weapons or other dangerous objects – anything that looks like it or harmful for health, human life – to the area of the exhibition.
6. The cloak room is free and mandatory for every visitor.
7. The organizers cannot be held responsible for objects lost in the area of the exhibition.
8. We would like call the attention to our visitors that the guided tour of the exhibition takes approximately 90 minutes; therefore it is advised to use the restroom before the tour starts.
9. The groups must stay together during the whole tour of the exhibition.
10. Everyone gets a headphone before the tour that should not be taken off during the tour as all the information comes through the headphones.
11. You must follow the instructions given through the headphones at all times.
12. At the end of the exhibition headphones must be returned at the designated location.
13. It is forbidden to touch or move the decorations and object in the exhibition.
14. The visitor who damages the headphones or other objects belonging to the exhibition must pay for the damage.
15. No electronic devices are allowed in the area of the exhibition as they may disturb the mechanics of the exhibition.
16. Visitors disturbing the exhibition with loud talking or other loud activities will be asked to leave by the animator. The use of mobile phones or other electronic devices is prohibited during the tour, those devices must be left switched off in the cloak room.
17. Making sound or video recordings, or taking pictures by any means (mobile phone, camera or other electronic devices) during the tour of the exhibition is prohibited. The visitor breaking this rule will be held legally responsible (infringement of copyright and related rights).
18. If the visitor does not stop the disturbing behaviour, taking pictures or making sound or video recordings after the warning, they will be asked to leave the exhibition.
19. The exhibition cannot be visited by people under the influence of alcohol or drugs even in possession of a valid ticket. In this case the person is asked to leave immediately. If the person does not leave, staff escorts them out, police will be involved if necessary.
20. In case of any extraordinary event (e.g. bomb alarm, fire, natural catastrophe) visitors must follow the instructions of the staff.
21. Smoking is forbidden in the whole area of the exhibition. There are designated locations for smoking and only there is it allowed.
22. Advertising is forbidden without the written permission from the organisers at the exhibition and in the neighbouring area. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping the terms and conditions of the visit and this way contributing to the perfect experience of the exhibition.